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Avocado Toast 2 Ways

I remember the first time I tasted AVOCADO. It was a guacamole at a restaurant when I was younger. It was HORRIBLE! From that day forward I refused to eat anything with avocado in it or on it. I don't know what they did to it. Maybe it was not seasoned properly or the avocados weren't ripe enough or too ripe? I don't know. I can still remember the taste, that's how bad it was. Keep reading to find out how I changed my mind!

YEARS later, I decided to try at again. But this time, I wanted to make the guacamole myself. I found a recipe I thought would be good, went to the supermarket for an avocado (had to ask for help in choosing one), then came home and cut into it to begin making the recipe. OH MY GOODNESS! I took one little nibble of the avocado as I was prepping my ingredients and it was like a little peace of HEAVEN! I have been a fan ever since!

Click here to check out my new friend Lindsey Hamlin's take on avocado toast! 
So after I discovered that I actually d…

Weekly Meal Plan 01/21-01/27

I don't know about you but one of the HARDEST thing for me is weekly meal planning for my family of PICKY eaters! This is a daily frustration/argument in my household and it began costing me way more in groceries than necessary. I have tried meal planning (& prepping) in the past and was even successful at it at one point. However, things have gotten worse since then and meal planning was put aside for a long time. 
If you've heard my podcast, then you probably know that I'm beginning my own weight loss journey and I've invited all of you to join me! This meal planning series will be a part of that AND saving money and sanity as I go! Keep reading below to see my FIRST week of meal planning in 2019!

Manifesting Your Goals in 2019

We've been talking about goals a lot the past few months, but now that we've actually hit the NEW year I think it's time we hunker down and actually make those goals happen!  What do you think?  Yes? .....Great, let's get started! My favorite part of goal planning is #manifesting those goals! I don't really do this for every single goal, just the ones that really mean the most to me.  How do I do this? Keep reading to find out!  
Every year I like to have a "Word of the Year" and this year I have chosen a total of FOUR words to help me while I work to achieve all of my goals this year.  I have one overall word and then I broke my goals down into 3 other categories. I have one for personal, business, and family.  Here's my "Word(s) of the Year": Overall - Motivation Personal - Healthy Business - Succeed Family - Quality
All of these words tie into the goals that I have planned for this year in all of those categories and these words will become m…

How to Create a Goal Plan in 5 Steps

Are YOU prepared for 2019?  No?  Me neither... but we can start! Whether you're planning financial goals, personal goals, or work/business goals you can start planning now for the following year! Not only will it help you reach your "big picture" goals, but it'll help you stay organized too!  Keep reading to find out one of my favorite ways to goal plan!

Entering the Christmas Season!

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving last month!  I know I did. As we enter the Christmas season, I want to reflect on this past year and all of the things that I am thankful for. I asked my followers on Instagram what they are most thankful for and I got some wonderful responses! Now it's my turn to do the same.
I am thankful for my kids - I am so proud every day to be their mom! Just the other day I had the chance to see my son sitting in the driver seat of a car. He even let me take his picture. My daughter had her winter concert for orchestra and she did such a wonderful job. Just picture one PROUD mom here! I'm thankful for my boyfriend, Anthony - He has been such a blessing to myself and my kids, to have him in our lives. We all enjoy his company and look forward to the next time he comes over! We really bring out the best in each other. I appreciate the way he helps out when he comes over and the role model he has been for the kids.I'm thankful for the ability to…

10 Things You Don't Know About Me - Part 2

Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown me on my very FIRST blog post with LWK: the Blog!  As you know, I'm also working on my *NEW* podcast and getting more episodes up for you BUT did you know.....

6. My favorite animals are the BIG CATS!
Specifically white tigers!  Not only are they beautiful creatures but, did you know that they all have BLUE eyes? Cool, right? White tigers are NOT albino, they are actually Bengal tigers but genetics cause their fur to be white.  From what I understand there are only a few hundred white tigers left.
Learn more about these big cats and more by clicking here! You can also check out your local big cat rescue to learn more!

7. My favorite author is Jude Deveraux. I have been reading her books since I was in high school and I STILL love every single one!  She is well known for her historical romances with strong female characters.  Learn more about Jude Deveraux here
QUESTION OF THE MONTH What are your favorite family traditions …

10 Things You Don't Know About Me - Part 1

As I begin this new journey of Lifestyle with Keli, I am excited to have you join me! Want to learn TEN things you might not know about me?  Keep reading to learn the first 5!

1. My (current) favorite color is PINK
(OK, you might already know this)  Specifically BLUSH and CORAL! I think they are so beautiful and feminine!

2. I LOVE to learn!  I feel like 
I need to learn something new every single day. (Or at least see something in a different way)
You can almost always find me researching on my computer/phone learning a new skill or learning information about a project I'm working on or a question I have. Sometimes you might even find me actually creating something new that I learned on a whim!
______________________________________ My favorite memory of that is about 7 or 8 years ago. I went on my lunch break at work and came back with a hat I made! Before I went on break I had NO idea how to crochet, but in that hour I taught myself and made a hat! I really surprised myself and was…